Pinball at Acade92

40 years before video arcades were even a thought there was Pinball.  When the first pinball came into the world scene, our country was in the midst of the Great Depression, the Hindenburg disaster made world news, and the Nazi Party rose to power in Germany.  As stated in the name and the events around the globe, is was a tough time to be happy or have an extra cent for entertainment. Pinball was a glimmer of hope in a time when joy was desperately needed.  While they may pale in comparison to what the world looked like in the 30s, our current times have their own trials and difficulties in daily life. Pinball is not just a way to get out of the daily grind, but an exceptional opportunity for community.  Pinball games are naturally competitive or cooperative, and what better way to grab a drink with a friend, and get lost in the world of pinball. Thankfully, alcohol prohibition ended in 1933.

At Arcade 92, we have lots of pinball machines to choose from in true Arcade 92 fashion.  We have the old stuff, the new stuff and the in-between stuff.

Attack From Mars:  In the mid 90’s, Midway released Attack From Mars, and it was an instant pinball hit.  The Earth is suddenly attacked by 4 armed green martians who have a strange affinity for Earth women.  This is more than a damsel in distress pinball story. Earth’s livestock and precious historical monuments are in danger!  Go toe-to-toe with the filthy green martians in Paris, France and protect the Eiffel Tower. Then it’s on to Germany to save the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) from utter destruction.  The cunning martians then move to Italy to straighten the Tower of Pisa. Absolutely diabolical! Fight for your freedom and defend lady liberty herself in New York, then keep London Bridge from falling down.  Once you have beaten back the greenies, it’s time to take the battle to Mars! With your newly developed super jets and atomic blaster, it’s time to become the Ruler of the Universe, and show those pesky martians who is boss.  

Total Nuclear Annihilation:  One of our modern pinball machines is Total Nuclear Annihilation, made by a recently developed Spooky Pinball company.  These guys are absolutely genius, and have found the perfect recipe for blending a retro, yet futuristic feel. Total Nuclear was given the 2017 game of the year award, and you will understand why in a matter of seconds when playing this game.  Get lost in the 80s retro, yet somehow futuristic music, which has its soundtrack available on Amazon Music. Gameplay is simple and instantly fun. If you have never played pinball before, this is where you want to start. You play as a cyberpunk tough chick infiltrating the nuclear power sources of overwhelming forces.  In this apocalyptic cyber world, you must use stealth and speed as your resources to sneak into the 9 nuclear reactors of the enemy. Once you plant your explosives, it’s time to overheat the reactor and destroy the enemy stronghold.

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery:  It’s 1997 baby!  Yeah! What better way to sum up the 1990’s than the man, the myth, the legend, Austin Powers.  Brought to life in 2001 Stern Pinball brought us the pinball version of the man that women want and the man that men want to be.  Unbutton those top buttons, and let that chest hair flow as you take on Fat Bastard, Dr. Evil and of course, Mini-Me. Take the time machine, and live the groovy life of 1967 to recharge your mojo, or jump back through the time portal to be the man out of time.   

Terminator 2: Judgement Day: Arnold said he was going to be back and here he is!  Released in 1991, the same year as the movie, this pinball machine brings back 90s nostalgia like no other.  Terminator 2: Judgement Day is a unique pinball in that it does not have the typical plunger to launch the ball.  In this instance the plunger was replaced by a handgun. To fire the pinball, you just need to have a trigger finger.  Take on Skynet and Cyberdyne systems as the lovable terminator turned good guy joins the war hero John Conner. It’s man versus machine in this battle for the future.  Can you save the world from utter destruction before Judgement Day, August 29th 1997?

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Please don’t call me Peter, my name is Star Lord!  Help Star Lord become a galaxy wide name by swiping a mysterious orb which, possible spoiler alert, we now know is an infinity stone.  Join forces with Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer. What could possibly go wrong with this rag tag team. Guardians of the Galaxy, released by stern in 2017, is an immediate classic!  A new bar has been set for pinball machines by incorporating video cut scenes from the movie and player controlled game path. Relive the movie and take down Ronin and his forces of destruction.

Starship Troopers:  Coming Soon

Black Knight: Coming soon    

1978 Star Trek: Coming Soon                                     

Be on the lookout for our pinball tournaments, and be ready to take on your friends and strangers to see who can better handle the balls of steel!