Our Story

The Arcade 92 Story

It’s time to play again!

The alarm goes off at 6:00am and you fight the urge to hit snooze, get the kids up, scarf that piece of cold toast, get a to go cup for that coffee that is too hot but in 15 minutes will be too cold.  Drop the kids off at school, hurry up so you can sit in traffic so you can get to work. Squeak in with minutes to spare in your work space. Take a deep breath and hit that dreaded to do list. Jump at the chance to go to an early lunch with your work friends, back to work, back to traffic, don’t forget the kids, take them to practice so your entire weekend can be consumed by the kiddos sporting event or events.  Its Monday again. Repeat.

Is this the American dream?  Is this as good as it gets? Your kids just want to hurry up and be adults and you just want the responsibilities of being a kid again. As Peter Pan said, “The moment you doubt you can fly, you cease forever the ability to do it”.  As adults whether you are a young adult at 25 or a “experienced” adult of 55, I doubt you would reflect on your life and think “I should have worked more”.

Arcade 92 exists for a few specific reasons.  First I wanted to create an environment where adults could play again. Being on the threshold of 40, I found it hard to have fun as an adult.  Sure I could pound Netflix over and over again ending up watching The Office for the millionth time, or by chance there is a good movie, I can take the wife to a dinner and a movie.  So call it a midlife crisis if you want but instead of buying a red Stingray Corvette, I opened an arcade. Now call it selfish but when I went to other arcades I noticed a wide array of 70’s and 80’s games which are great but I was 2 years old when Galaga came out in the arcade. I was 1 when Pac-Man was released.  While I did play these games and absolutely love them, there is a special place in my heart for an old arcade called Tilt at a local mall. I was 13 years old in 1992 and I remember the moment I saw Mortal Kombat for the first time. The flashing lights, the enjoyable chaos of all the different sounds. At Arcade 92, I want our patrons to have that same feeling I had and I realized that for those in the age range of mid-twenty to mid-50’s have my experience in the 1990’s.  For someone in their mid-20’s, they would have been born in the mid 90’s and the 90’s culture formed their young life. For those in their 30’s they were young children or young teens in the 90’s. For the 40 and 50 year olds they would have been teens or young adults. Point of story, Arcade 92 is an adult playground for the adults that forgot what it was like to play.

I see Arcade 92 as a living museum with video arcades stretching back to the late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  While I am enamored with the video gaming industry of the past, I am also fascinated by the future of the gaming industry.  I remember playing Castle Wolfenstein 3D on my home personal computer and then having my world rocked with DOOM where I could play my friends of the “web”.  We still didn’t know what to call the internet back then and ran modems that transferred a matter of kilobytes per second. That same online gaming industry has grow into a 138 billion dollar industry world wide which is more than the movie and music industry combined.  As a “Xenial” I was there to see the birth of that industry and that is why at Arcade 92, we not only offer the retro gaming but the eSports and modern gaming of today, while keeping an eye on the horizon of what is yet to come.

When I realized that most of our potential patrons were adults, I wanted to offer another favorite american pastime, drinking and eating.  At Arcade 92 we are going to have craft beer, domestic and imports, unique gaming themed cocktails, and wine as well. The days of gaming being a male dominated industry are gone. It’s been a long time since we got to meet Samus at the end of Metroid only to realize, “wait I was playing as a girl!!”.  Arcade 92 is excited to see that the gaming industry has shifted from 95% male and 5% female to a new level of 75% male and 25% female. To that end I have brought in the best-in-the-biz food and beverage guru. He is well integrated into the city of McKinney to get you the very best local craft beers.  We don’t want this just to be a dude dive either. At Arcade 92 we not only have games that are favorites for our lady gamers but our drink menu offers cocktails and wine as well.

As I mentioned previously, I want Arcade 92 to be a living museum.  So I wanted my arcade to be a place where you would want to bring your kiddoes.  I want it to be family friendly. I feel a great sense of victory when I see a dad showing his son Mortal Kombat 1 from 1992, or a mom showing her daughter Q*bert from 1982.  Then to see that same family walk across to the esports lounge and play Fortnite for an hour. I remember playing my first video game in 1986 in Tulsa Oklahoma at a Circle K gas station.  I was only 7 years old but I had a pocket full of quarters ready to cross 6 lanes of traffic to save the Princess from Bowser. You better believe I get all the feels when my sons play Super Mario Brothers with me.  We have made great effort to make the whole family feel welcome–but come 9:00 pm we change our tune a bit. Anyone under the age of 21 will need to be out of the arcade by 9:00 pm. Kiddies gotta head home and it’s adult swim time.  We will be open late until 11:00 pm on the weekdays and 1am or 2:00 am on the weekends so adults can let loose and get a little rowdy.

We look forward to seeing you on Mckinney square at Arcade 92.  There is no better place for Fun in McKinney that Arcade 92!