Food & Drinks

How does a Princess Peach margarita sound? Maybe an Atari Old Fashion or a Pac-Manhattan is more your style. 

At Arcade 92 we have something for everyone offering a wide variety of local craft beers, domestics, imports, and cocktails. We have brought in a bar expert with 2 decades of experience to make sure that Arcade 92 has unique drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. Grab a drink at our spacious bar and feel free to keep playing with your all-day pass. Each arcade machine has a spot to rest your beverage on while you challenge your friends at Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat 2 so they have to buy you the next round. 

Don’t want to chance wrecking a friendship then try cooperative playing with your friends saving the world from Magneto on X-Men or Destroying every major city in the world with Rampage World Tour. If your style is to hang out at the bar then feel free to enjoy our retro lounge at the bar with retro controllers waiting for you to play all your classic Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation 1, and Atari games. Nintendo classics such as Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3, Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon, Excitebike, Dr. Mario, Mega Man 2, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. Sega Genesis Classics include Altered Beast, Alien Storm, Golden Axe, Mortal Kombat 1,2 and 3, Shinobi, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and 2, as well as Alex Kidd. Want to get more old school, check out our Atari classic with Asteroids, Adventure, Breakout, Centipede, Combat, Crystal Castles, Frogger, Missile Command, Pong, Space Invaders, Sword Quest, and Yars Revenge. That covers all the 70s and the 80s kids but for all the 90s kids we have PlayStation 1 classics like; Destruction Derby, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Oddworld, Resident Evil, Tekken 3 and Twisted Metal. This is just the list of games on the bar lounge and doesn’t even begin to mention the robust selection of full-size arcades all set to free play or the Sony Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switches on our modern eSports gaming lounge. 

Our professional bartenders are top-notch and ready to shake or stir your favorite beverage and direct you to your favorite game since there are so many to choose from. If non-alcoholic is more your jam then we have drinks from the ’90s to wet your Legend of Zelda whistle. How about a Surge Cola or some Sunkist as well as classic bottled soft drinks. 

Arcade 92 will take you through the entirety of the gaming industry from such classics such as Asteroids from 1979 to the latest Playstation 4 hits as well as all points in between. Even though we have such a robust gaming line up, we put a significant focus on gaming from the 1990s. If you were a kid or a teen in the 1990s then you will see our 90s theme throughout Arcade 92 from the games to the drinks. Your admission to the arcade is an all-day pass so feel free to come at lunchtime and then come back after work with a friend. Don’t want to leave? No problem, you are bound to get hungry and we have the solution for that. Enjoy our gaming-themed food menu with delicious entrées and savory snacks. Grilled paninis, fresh salads, and irresistible desserts are just a tip of the iceberg of what to find on the Arcade 92s menu. It is hard to be a good gamer on an empty stomach so swing by the bar and one of our bartenders will bring your grub right to you whether you are kickin’ it old school on our retro arcades, retro console lounge, Sony Playstation 4 and Nintendo switch modern lounge or grab some 4-5 friends and show off your teamwork on the new Killer Queen and the new Cosmotrons.

There is just so much for you and your friends to do at Arcade 92. It is time to play again at Arcade 92 and there is no better place for you to bring your friends and even forge new friendships with those with common interests. How about date night with your significant other? Sure you two can just do the usual and go to dinner and a movie but who wants to sit still for two hours. That just sounds like traffic with a movie. Come to Arcade 92 and stretch out your legs at our spacious Arcade. We have tons of arcade games from a wide array of genres and we could cram in a lot more games but we want you to enjoy your experience with plenty of room to navigate the arcade. Feel free to wander around and enjoy all that Arcade 92 has to offer. We have bartenders making the rounds so if you don’t want to hang out at the bar, they will come to you. Make sure you come often to Arcade 92 because even though we have so much to keep you entertained, we will also be rotating our games with some new arcade games from the popular to the obscure that you may be playing for the first time. 

We will also run food and beverage specials and even have limited time offers for food and drinks. We are teaming up with local breweries to bring you unique craft beers and we are always on the lookout to get you new games, new bites, and new beverage options. Arcade is unrivaled in offering the best from the past and the best of what the gaming industry offers today. Ask our bartenders their preferred beverage. Nothing is better than a craft beer while enjoying a craft beer. It does not get much better than a cocktail while playing Asteroids, Joust or Qbert. Knocking back a Surge Cola while playing Mortal Kombat, Simpsons, and Street Fighter 2 brings back the glory days of the 90s like no other. Come enjoy the full experience at Arcade 92. It’s time to play again!