So this is a bar, but there are kids there? 

Well kinda. At Arcade 92, we are family-friendly, but once 9 pm hits, it is bedtime for anyone under 21, and they need to head out. McKinney City laws require us to do this, and while we love to see families come in, adults gotta get a bit rowdy past 9 pm. 


Can you pretty please break federal, state, county and city laws and let me grab an alcoholic beverage even though I “forgot” my Identification?

We are gonna go with a hard pass on that one. If you don’t have an ID then please don’t even put our bartenders in that position. And no it doesn’t help if you give them the cute, puppy-dog eyes. No ID, no drinky.


Do I need to bring a sack of quarters with me to play? 

You won’t need a single quarter at Arcade 92 to play our machines. Every video arcade is set to free play, ready for you to simply press start. Admission is $12 and covers you the entire day! You will receive a stylish and sophisticated colorful plastic wristband that tells our crew that you can stay as long as you want, or even leave and come back.  


Where are you located?

We are on the sunny side of the McKinney square, which is slowly becoming known as the McKinney rectangle. We are are in the sweetest spot in the entertainment district of downtown Mckinney. You can’t miss us, we have 22 windows that will be flashing lights from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the modern stuff. Come check us out at:


Arcade 92

305 e. Virginia St. 

McKinney, Texas 75069 


Where can I park? 

We have 300 parking spots ready for you at the newest parking garage in downtown McKinney. It is easy to spot, too. Look for the 5 story mural with mosaic tile flowers brought to the square by the McKinney arts and the generosity of the Sanchez family. We are a matter of seconds away from the parking garage and parking is free! 


When are you open? 

Monday – Thursday 3pm – 11pm 

Friday 3pm to 1am 

Saturday 11am – 2am 

Sunday 11am – 11pm 


What if I get hungry or thirsty? 

Arcade 92 has you covered. We have several menu options to satisfy your hunger and get you back to gaming! Our full-service bartenders will also take great care of you with alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. We will have food and drink specials often so you can get great deals to satisfy your hunger and thirst.  


How much does Arcade 92 cost, and how can I pay? 

Rather than having to bring tons of quarters, all our video arcades are set to free play. For $12, you will have an all-day pass and you can come and go as you please. We accept cash and major credit cards as a form of payment. We do not accept checks, cryptocurrency or Enron stock as forms of payment. 


Can I have my party at Arcade 92? 

Did you say party? Then yes let’s party! If you want to reserve a table, we will need a heads up at least 48 hours in advance, and we do have great party packages. Whether you are a 14-year-old or a 40-year-old looking for a place for your birthday party, then look no further! Arcade 92 is the place for you and your entourage. Contact us today for special group rates. 


Can I have a corporate event at Arcade 92? 

It’s time to play again! That means it’s time to break free from the cubicle and whoop up on your co-workers! If you need a reserved table, give us a heads up at least 48 hours in advance otherwise feel free to bring in the whole office anytime. Arcade 92 is the perfect destination for team-building exercises. We recommend the addictive 10-player killer queen that requires teamwork, team strategizing, leadership, and communication for success. Unless you work together, victory is unlikely. For example, that one guy that constantly goes rogue causing the team to fail. Contact us today for group rates. We do not open until 3 pm on weekdays but we do have options to open earlier corporate events that have more than 10 participants. 


Do you have ticket redemption machines so I can spend $150 on a card that I will likely lose, and then turn those tickets in for a plastic trinket that my kid will break before we even get home? 

Nope, we are not that kind of arcade. Save yourself the 2-hour wait for your kid to decide between an 8 foot stuffed animal and a whoopie cushion, and come to Arcade 92 for some real fun. Remember, anyone under 21 has to be out of the arcade by 9 pm, and if you need to you can hit the dollar tree on the way home and tell them it was their prize for the high score on Dig Dug. 


Is Arcade 92 handicap accessible? 

We are fully ADA compliant and ready for those who have special needs to play again. There are a few things we want to give you a heads up on before you come to Arcade 92. Generally speaking, retro arcade games are 6 feet tall with the screen, and the control buttons around 3 to 4 feet from the ground. Most video arcades are difficult or not playable from a seated position if in a wheelchair. Taking this into consideration, ask our bartenders about special pricing for those in a wheelchair as well as the sections of our barcade that are accessible to wheelchairs. 


I have a 1-month-old baby, do I have to pay full price for admission for baby Luigi jr.?    

Any kiddo under the age of 6 does not have to pay admission to get into Arcade 92. Most video arcades are hard to play for those that are 3 feet tall or under. At Arcade 92, we have a few step stools for the little ones to use so they can see the screen and reach the buttons and get their game face on. However, no child under the age of 13 may be unaccompanied by an adult in the barcade. Texas law allows children under the age of 21 to sit at the bar WITH their parents. Please don’t park little Jimmy on a barstool and go off and play Mrs. Pac-Man. Kids can order non-alcoholic drinks and food from our bartenders. Just a reminder, anyone under 21 has to be out of the arcade by 9 pm.       


I only want to go to the modern lounge and play PlayStation, do I still have to pay admission price?

The short answer is yes, as your $12 admission includes everything in the arcade which also covers eSports gaming (subject to availability). A longer answer would be to mention our eSports tournaments. Regular admission covers your entry fee into the tournament, free use of the retro gaming, and no time limit on the modern gaming lounge.     


Can I smoke or use my E-Cigarette inside Arcade 92? 

Sorry, that is a hard pass no. Arcade 92 has 2 outdoor patios where you can smoke whatever you want. Well….whatever is legal, of course.