eSports at Arcade 92 

When parents of 90s kids saw the release of Mortal Kombat in 1992, they probably thought their children were heading to hell in a handbasket. In 1993, Id Software made their worst fears come true by bringing hell to their children in the form of the game DOOM. Not only did players get to be a space marine, but they were also able to be a space marine over the internet. Online gaming was born and welcomed with open arms. Today, the online gaming industry has grown to over 2.2 billion active online gaming users. Much like social media, online gaming can have over 2 billion people all playing together but still feel like a lonely place. Arcade 92 is here to fix that. 


Arcade 92 eSports lounge: 

  • 12 private stations for each eSport gamer
  • Selection of PlayStation 4 Pro or Nintendo Switch 
  • Wireless Pro Controllers 
  • Personal headset with epic audio 
  • Super comfy chairs so you can play all-day 
  • 50-inch crystal clear 4K TV at each station 

Current games available in eSports lounge:

  1. Fortnite 
  2. Call of Duty 
  3. Overwatch 
  4. Street Fighter 5 
  5. Mortal Kombat 11 
  6. Madden NFL 
  7. Super Smash Brothers 
  8. Tetris 99 
  9. Player Unknown Battlegrounds 
  10. Call of Duty 
  11. FIFA 18
  12. Rocket League 

Remember, while you are in our eSports lounge, you are welcome to our full-service bar and menu. We will save your spot, or we will have staff making the rounds to make sure you are not getting the hungries or the thirsties. Please note that valid identification will be required to purchase any alcoholic beverages. We will have lots of non-alcoholic beverages available at the bar for our gamers that are under 21 years old. 


Arcade 92 will have regular eSports tournaments with cash prizes, so make sure you follow our events on Facebook, Instagram and our website at Arcade 92 is a great place to forge new friendships, or potentially ruin your current friendships. Don’t stay at home and play alone, come to Arcade 92 for real community. Sure you can play a squads match with CampersSuck45921, but you know it’s a 5-year-old kid in Kansas who is oddly skilled at letting you die so he can take your loot. Hang out with real people that you have a common interest with, and taking your gaming to the next level. 


Why PlayStation

I don’t want to use this section to dog on Microsoft Xbox. At Arcade 92 we are not super snooty, insisting on only one gaming system or nothing. That said, we need to cater to the largest group of patrons, and end of the day, Sony PlayStation 4 has sold roughly 90 million units, while Xbox one is somewhere in the 30 million range. Microsoft tends to be rather secretive about their sales numbers since they historically come up short compared to Sony PlayStations. So our first reason is that simply put, more of our patrons will likely be familiar with a Playstation controller than Xbox. 


The second reason is similar in the sense that Sony PlayStation tends to have a greater game library. Even if Xbox was “better” in many ways, a diverse game library is critical. The Sega Dreamcast was one of the greatest consoles of its time, but its library of games so limited, there was no hope for the system’s future. I could go into issues about graphics where the PlayStation runs 4K and 1080, where some Xbox games are limited to 900p, but that is a negligible difference. So if you are a die-hard Xbox fan, you will not get any flak from us. The Microsoft Xbox is an exceptional console, but for logistical and favorable customer experience reasons, Sony PlayStation 4 won out for us. 


Lastly, we always want to be an arcade that is a living museum where we embrace the retro past but look forward to the modern gaming future. If there is a future in VR, Sony PlayStation is taking the lead. Currently, they are the most innovative, and we will hitch our wagon to that. 


Why Nintendo Switch?   

Speaking of innovation, we choose the Nintendo Switch to be our secondary gaming console. While Switch has nowhere near the gaming library as the Sony PlayStation, it is hard to deny the unique and age spanning games of Nintendo. Offering such unique games as Cuphead and independent games like Hollow Knight, Nintendo is setting the bar to new heights. Further, how can we deny our patrons Super Smash Brothers and Tetris 99? Nintendo has some great titles that simply are not even possible on other consoles. Arcade 92 is primarily a retro video arcade, and the Nintendo Switch has many offerings for retro games that have been ported and can be played on the Nintendo Switch. Lastly, regarding Nintendo Switch, there is a whole new world on having our patrons bring in their own Nintendo Switch consoles to compete in massive tournaments. 


Why not use gaming PCs?

We get this question often, and honestly, eSports is in a constant flux of change. While I would 100% say that WASD on a keyboard and clicking a performance mouse bring a new level to any game, we again wanted to find the greatest common denominator for our patrons. Generally speaking, a PlayStation controller or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller seems to be the most intuitive, with the lowest learning curve. So again, we are not going to bad mouth any PC users. You are 100% welcome at Arcade 92 and maybe, just maybe we have something up our sleeve in the future. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.