Killer Queen Dallas

Arcade 92 is dedicated to fun in Mckinney and we work hard to bring you the very best in gaming.  When we say we put our blood, sweat and tears into it, we are being serious. Retro video arcade games average around 300 pounds.  With the lightweights like Pacman and Galaga and the heavy weights such as Killer Queen Dallas which weigh in at 900 pounds, these video arcade games are so very hard to move around.  You can imagine the shock when Atari took their 300 pound retro arcade machine and released a very similar game on the Atari 2600 weighing roughly 5 pounds and the cartridge weighing a matter of ounces.  Sure the game was nowhere as good similar to the video arcade version of Pacman compared to the Atari version of Pacman was an absolute joke. Many wondered if it was even the same game. The sights and the sounds were all off but Killer Queen Dallas remains.  But still, having a video arcade game system that weighed less than 10 pounds was a game changer. Atari would revolutionize the video arcade game industry by bringing home the arcade. Hindsight is 20/20, we can now see that this was the beginning of the end for the gaming industry when the flood gates opened and there was no quality oversight of the flood of video arcade games that were released on Atari.

Everyone wanted in on the action. Even Purina dog food made an Atari video game. It was one thing to have the video arcade games home rather than popping quarters into a machine but when Nintendo saved the industry in 1985 they had another trick up their sleeve that would come a few years later. The Nintendo GameBoy was released in 1989 and still to this day is the best selling video game system of all time.  Killer Queen Dallas rocks It was hard to find anyone that did not own a GameBoy in the 90s. This little 8-bit gaming system took the world by storm. Running on 4 double A batteries and a screen with only 4 shades of grey, anyone could take their gaming on the go. Sega caught onto Nintendo’s innovation and not even a year later released a color portable video game system called Game Gear.

Despite the fact that Game Gear was so very much better, Nintendo crushed Sega with their portable sales and home console sales.  It took Nintendo nearly 10 years to build on the GameBoy original and release the GameBoy color. Nintendo was in no hurry since they were owning the lion share of the portable gaming market. Sony Playstation also got on the bandwagon of portable gaming and released the Sony PSP and then later releasing the Playstation Vita. but for sony, it was too late. Sony did not enter the portable gaming industry until the 2000s. Sony Killer Queen Dallas is awsome was hesitant because having a better product didn’t seem to matter since Nintendo had built a culture around GameBoy.  Atari Lynx came and failed. Turbographix failed and even Sega released an improved model and it failed too. Why would Sony bother competing. But then in 2006 a real competitor to Nintendo’s portable monopoly emerged. It was not Atari, or Sony or Microsoft, or even Sony. It was from a source no one expected. The Apple iPhone. Generally speaking a consumer like quality but will often take convenience over quality. Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, Temple run and of course Angry Birds. Literally thousands of games are available at the app store. No more $50 video games but rather $5.  Of course microtransactions were started in the music industry and are a proven model for tomorrow’s millionaires. The video game industry was taken over by a phone. Home and portable video game manufactures felt the pinch as mobile devices took over. Gamers  love Killer Queen Dallas were fewer and fewer and the only thing lift for the game was first person shooters such as Call of Duty. Sony Playstations crushed the graphics on the iphones but again, no one really cared because of the conveniences. Then came Minecraft. Minecraft took function over form. The willingness to accept lower quality graphics for better or unique game play was ubiquitous in the gaming population. Additionally, nearly everyone was becoming a gamer.  Candy Crush has been downloaded 2.7 billion times from the various app stores. Noting that the world population is roughly 7 billion. King, the manufacturer of Candy Crush reported that microsales were coming in at roughly $1 million per DAY!. Men, women, kids, elderly, even 2 year old toddlers all enjoyed mobile gaming. Mobile gaming had conquered all the greats, Nintendo, Microsoft, Playstation, even PC gaming platforms. In 2017, that would change. The repeated savior of the gaming industry was back at it again. Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch. It was the perfect marriage of home console gaming plus the ability to play portably in under 1 second by simply removing the system from its dock. Nintendo also embraced the, again, lack of community in the gaming industry and not you and up to 7 other friends can play Mario Kart.  Not on a split screen, everyone gets their own screen. Nintendo also realized what an impact independent game designers had on the mobile industry. The eStore offers hundreds of downloadable games just like a mobile phone has. This time, graphics are not needed to be sacrificed. The nintendo switch is a game changer to say the least. At Arcade 92, Fun in 

McKinney looks like an eSports lounge loaded with Sony Playstation as well as Nintendo Switches.  Come have fun in McKinney by attending our many eSports tournaments. When it comes to Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, Fortnite and many more on the switch, we invite our attendees to bring their OWN switch to our tournaments to bring real competitive and cooperative fun in McKinney.  The best part is, when you are waiting for your turn, you have full access to our retro video arcade game with classics such as Pacman, Asteroids andCentipede from the 80s, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 90s and even modern arcades such as Cosmotrons and Killer Queen Dallas.  Arcade 92 has the whole history or video arcade games for you to play and then some.